Q: Can you get me supporting tour slots so I can open for a big-name artist?

A: Unfortunately, no. Sadly there's no "process" way to achieve or guarantee those bookings. Big bands,  their managers or representatives typically make those decisions based on existing relationships. Some promoters/services do list opportunities to join a line-up on occasion - we are always on the lookout for these, but we do not advise waiting around for them to come up.

Q: I need gigs that provide a payment guarantee. Can you find those?

A: This depends on your following. Most up-and-coming local artists gig on a free or a "% of door" basis. Certain larger venues or promoters can offer guarantees to more established acts. Not a perfect rule of thumb, but a seasoned booker at a ~300 capacity London venue that is able to pay guarantees often starts by asking - can you bring 100+ people? 

Q: I want to arrange a tour across the country (e.g. East Coast of the US). Do you have relationships with venues in many cities?

A: The booking admin service offered through this website does not leverage our relationships - otherwise, we couldn't keep our current prices or provide an unbiased service to all of our customers! What we offer is an extra pair of hands to do the research, prepare the outreach, and manage scheduling. We can do this for any city you prefer, but of course be prepared to answer the question of what your draw could be. 


Social Media

Q: How many followers can I expect to gain by working with LIVAMP Virtual Management?

A: We do not and will never engage in any "follower buying" activities that will superficially inflate numbers. Nor can we promise instant results. Social media success is about discipline and consistency of your "brand". We will help ensure your content looks professional, reflects your image, and is consistently posted. For some artists this is enough to gain rapid results. For others, more patience is required.

Q: I use Facebook, but don't use [Twitter/Instagram]. Should I start? Is it worth it?

A: The answer depends largely on the demographic of your existing as well as your target audience. The genre of your music can also influence this. Lastly the overall importance of your image and style to your musician "brand" can affect your decision - e.g. if you have a unique look that's a major piece of your story as a musician, then we would absolutely recommend leveraging Instagram. We'd be happy to discuss and provide our opinion - just reach out by clicking QUESTIONS? below.

Q: Can LIVAMP post about my band on your social media channels?

A: This isn't part of the service we offer, but if we love your music or happen to be otherwise working with you (e.g. streaming your performance, helping you with fundraising via our service, etc) we will gladly feature you in our ongoing social media outreach. However, please do not assume this by default. 


Industry Outreach

Q: What are the chances of getting featured in blogs after emailing them my music?

A: You should assume it's fairly low, but don't be discouraged to go for it. Bloggers get swamped with submissions and can only post about a handful artists to preserve their curation credibility. However, most bloggers do tend to listen to most things so it's important to keep your name and sound in front of people on a consistent basis. When submitting (or working with us to do so) make sure to put your best foot forward - avoid songs with 30 second intros or long flowery descriptions. 


Q: Can you submit my demo to labels?

A: Keep in mind that many labels these days don't take cold submissions. There is a good amount of solid indie labels that still do and we can help you target those, but we would not advise cold emailing e.g. Columbia Records with your SoundCloud links. 




Q: Can you guarantee a higher attendance for my show?

A: No. We will ensure you're consistently presenting your event info in an exciting, engaging way rather than some automated announcement. We will send notes to bloggers and post about your event on free listing websites. But whether fans show up or not is out of our control.