Bookings Scheduling


Bookings Scheduling

from 50.00

Researching best venues in target cities, reaching out to bookers, and scheduling your gigs for the next month on a shared Google calendar.  10 venues at a time or ongoing monthly retainer.

We will:

  • Research and identify venues with best fit for you
  • Prepare tailored outreach pitch
  • Handle outreach, follow-ups, and scheduling
  • Package includes 1 revision cycle

Read the FAQ's below for more information

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Q: Can you guarantee I'll get gigs?

A: No. Sadly we do not control the booking decisions at venues. What we can guarantee is that we'll do the work of identifying the right venues for you in a given city, putting together a professional message to the bookers, and handling follow-ups and scheduling.  

Q: Can you get me supporting tour slots so I can open for a big-name artist?

A: Unfortunately, no. Sadly there's no "process" way to achieve or guarantee those bookings. Big bands,  their managers or representatives typically make those decisions based on existing relationships. Some promoters/services do list opportunities to join a line-up on occasion - we are always on the lookout for these, but we do not advise waiting around for them to come up.

Q: I need gigs that provide a payment guarantee. Can you find those?

A: This depends on your following. Most up-and-coming local artists gig on a free or a "% of door" basis. Certain larger venues or promoters can offer guarantees to more established acts. Not a perfect rule of thumb, but a seasoned booker at a ~300 capacity London venue that is able to pay guarantees often starts by asking - can you bring 100+ people? 

Q: I want to arrange a tour across the country (e.g. East Coast of the US). Do you have relationships with venues in many cities?

A: The booking admin service offered through this website does not leverage our relationships - otherwise, we couldn't keep our current prices or provide an unbiased service to all of our customers! What we offer is an extra pair of hands to do the research, prepare the outreach, and manage scheduling. We can do this for any city you prefer, but of course be prepared to answer the question of what your draw could be.